Yeah, that’s kind-of our thing…

At Wise Solutions, networking is, by far, the largest part of what we do.

We have decades of experience in networking.

We offer services in network design, management, security, and expansion.

Whether you are a business owner or a home owner, we are happy to meet your networking needs!

Get your network infrastructure from a company who’s local and ready to help.

Get a custom designed network that’s built for you!








Cables are at the heart of every network.

If you want to construct reliable network infrastructure, you’ll need to run cables. No worries, we’re ready to do just that!

Whether you’re building your network from the ground up or expanding your existing network, Wise Solutions is ready to provide you with the services you need.

We run cable both indoors and outdoors to meet your needs.  We can run coaxial, ethernet, and fiber to build you a reliable and fast network.

Get a network that’s reliable.

We run ethernet cables in pairs for redundancy.  If one cable becomes damaged you will still have a cable to connect your system to the network.  This prevents downtime so you can work while the damaged cable is repaired or replaced.

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Get a secure, reliable home network with quality hardware!

Secure Home WiFi

If you’re simply renting your router from your internet provider, you’re missing out.  Many service providers offer all-in-one modem/router devices.  These devices are notorious for being poorly made, insecure, and their terrible WiFi range.

Don’t settle for the overengineered space heater that your ISP calls a router. Get yourself an up-to-date router from Wise Solutions.

We sell high-quality routers that support the newest generation of WiFi security protocols.  Our routers have powerful WiFi antennas to provide a high-speed connection everywhere in your home.

Install the router yourself or have one of our technicians install it for you!

Mesh WiFi System

If you have a large house, we can install an affordable, powerful, mesh system that will ensure that you have a strong high speed in connection all throughout your house.

Don’t waste time switching between your main WiFi network and your extended network, our mesh systems allow you to roam from room to room without having to reconnect!

Not all houses are the same, so you should get a mesh system designed for your home.  Contact us to speak to one of our technicians so that we can help you find the right system for your home.

We will design and install your system based on the layout of your home.

Business Networks

Network Infrastructure

Wise Solutions is ready to build you a high speed and reliable internal network.
Need a cable from your printer to your network closet?  We can do that!
What if you don’t have a network closet?   Wise Solutions has everything you need!
We’re ready to install your network rack and everything on it!  Routers, patch panels, switches, security devices, we do it all!
We can build your network from the ground up, if you need it, we probably do it.  Contact a technician for more details.

Network Security

The internet is a dangerous place.   In order to keep your business safe you need the right network security systems in place.
Your network should be protected from both external threats and internal threats.  Wise Solutions is ready to offer the solutions you need.
We offer solutions including intrusion detection and prevention systems, VLANs, content filtering, and VPNs.

If you need to securely connect a remote office to your main office over the internet, we can do that.
Protect your network from internal threats with access rights policies and other tools.
Requirements for a safe network are constantly changing, let us keep you safe and up to date.

Network Management

Network management can be a pain in the neck.  (Literally!)
Give your shoulders a rest and let us handle your network management.   We can build your network from scratch or document and optimize your existing network.  With a properly managed network you won’t have to worry about IP conflicts screwing up your printers or knocking users off the network.  Many network management tasks can be automated or completed remotely.  If you don’t have a server, we can supply remote access computers which allow us to connect to your network with no hassle.
We can manage your wired, wireless, and guest networks.  Contact a technician for more details.

Wireless Networks

We can plan and build a wireless system for your internal secure network and your guest network!
Let us build your business a mesh network to ensure you have a strong network connection everywhere in your business!
We offer indoor and outdoor wireless access points, so your employees and clients can have reliable WiFi in the office, the shop, or the yard.

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When running wires isn’t a viable option, you need a wireless point-to-point system.  This allows you to create a high speed data link over long distances without having to run wire.

Cable Management

Does the underside of your desk look like a birds nest? 
Are you embarrassed by the jungle of wires jutting out from the back of your receptionist’s desk?
Put an end to the madness and get your cables organized!
Cable management isn’t a science, it’s not even an art, it’s a war against chaos. 
Our technicians will fight for you with our arsenal of cable organization supplies.  You don’t have to fight the tangle alone.

Consider some of the cable management displayed below!