Having an audio / video system installed in your home can modernize and improve the value of your home.  From your couch in your family room or theatre room, you can rent movies from a whole list of providers like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu,  or watch and search for videos on You-Tube, or even have your Spotify or Pandora playing while you enjoy your home audio.   The content available through the internet is expanding every day.  Want to be notified of someone at your door? Let us install a doorbell camera that connects to your phone to provide 2 way audio.  Intercom systems can also let you talk to someone at your door or communicate throughout a large home.  No system is too large or too small for us.

Residential Services:

  • TV and Projector Installation
  • Surround Sound
  • Whole Home Audio
  • Home Theater Rooms
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Whole Home Intercom Systems


Commercial Audio / Video can range from convenience store radio to warehouse paging and intercom systems.  Installing a commercial audio / video system can help out with the efficiency and communication between all faculty and staff,  whether you are the owner of a warehouse that needs a paging system, an airport that is in need of mass notification in case of an emergency, or a school that needs the bell and intercom system up and running. Business meetings are also important, but… when you don’t have the right technology for presentations it can be a big hassle. Wise Solution has the knowledge and experience to meet any and all commercial audio / video needs.

Commercial Services:

  • TV and Projector Installation
  • Paging Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Convenience Store Audio
  • Restaurant & Bar Audio
  • Meeting Rooms
  • School Bell Systems
  • School Intercom Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems