Protect your business with an up to date
fire detection system from wise solutions

Protecting your business from fire damage is top priority.
We offer the best and leading equipment in the industry to make sure that you are protected.

Keep your business up to Code

Keep your business up to code with up to date and and functional fire detection system.  Let Wise Solutions make sure that you are protected and up to date with your system.

Having a monitored commercial fire system allows for a rapid response from emergency services!

Not only will your monitoring station contact emergency services, it can also notify you no matter wherever you are!

Continuous 24/7 monitoring is available for all new and existing alarm systems. 

This is supplied to you on a month-to-month basis.
There are no long term commitments, you can cancel at any time.

All commercial fire systems installed and monitored by Wise Solution are owned by the customers.

We do not lease or rent equipment, this includes cellular communication modules.

We Offer

Commercial Fire Detection

24/7 Monitoring

Professional Installation

Cellular Communications

Service Contracts (optional)

Systems Available For All of Your Needs!

We can provide you with the technology and equipment you need to keep your business protected from fire.  Protection ranges from basic smoke and heat detectors all the way to warehouse smoke beam detectors.  We offer smoke and heat detectors, pull stations, water flow detectors, audible and visual notification, and smoke beam detectors for large areas.

24/7 Monitoring (Cellular, IP & Landline)

Commercial fire detection systems require 2 dedicated means of communication. We can provide you with the right system and communication methods you need.   Having a cellular or IP communicator added to your system will ensure that you have the best chance of reaching authorities in an emergency.  Cellular can be coupled with an existing phone line as a backup or used as a primary communication method.

We value all of our customers here at Wise Solution.

That’s why we provide you with a professional and clean installation of your system.
We take pride in what we do and leave a small footprint when we leave. We use the most reliable technology in the industry and keep you protected with no downtime.